We’re ready to begin a great new year!

Hot Dog Night is always a little zany, but I thought the children played very well together.

Calendars with the snack and helper schedule will be available on the first day.


Scholastic Books:

  • Fliers for Scholastic books will be attached to your monthly calendar.
  • We do not tell the children when books arrive so that you may order books as gifts without the children seeing them
  • When the books arrive, we keep them in a Scholastic box on the coat rack where you can pick them up after dropping your child off in the room.  Shhhhh!  We try to keep it quiet so that the surprise is not spoiled for those ordering gifts.
  • You may bring in the paper order form or you may order on-line
  • If you want to order any books online, the activation code for our class is HQVXP