Dear Lamb Families,


You can send in Valentines at any time.  This week we will make our mailboxes with names on them.  If you would please print first names on the envelopes or on the “To” spaces on the back of the Valentine, we will help each child look at the names and match them with the correct mailbox.  It’s a great chance for the kids to start looking at the letters in whole words.


Here is the list of children:


 MondayTuesday WednesdayThursday   Friday
1 JoyGabrielMakenzieGabrielRose
2RoseEbbieNathan ConleyEbbieMadison
11BraydenJoeHarper YoungJonah 
13 Leah   
14 Nola   


You may give valentines to all the children or just to the children who come on your child’s days. You are welcome to send something in for the party if you would like to.


The Niagara Chocolate candy sale begins this month. You will get a packet with the catalog and information about the sale.


If you want to order any Scholastic books, the activation code for ordering on line is HQVXP.  You may drop off orders at school if you prefer.  Let’s make the orders due date Feb. 5.  That way the books have a good chance of getting to us before Valentine’s Day.


Happy Valentine’s Day!